About me

Our Approach

High quality custom bespoke woodworking. No project is too small, however we are best suited for difficult or niche operations. As purveyors of continued growth and advancing techniques, we strive to blend our work seamlessly into any home or commercial space that requires adjusting and/or upgrading.


Meet the Team


Day to day operations are shared between Jordan (owner/operator) and ‘Melo (C.E.O.)



    Jordan Cassidy

Owner & Operator, Designer

Jordan is a red-seal journeyman Cabinetmaker with an expansive history in high end residential work.

His passion for crafting and mathematics was developed at a young age now he tremendously enjoys the design and fabrication process of fine furniture/ woodworking.


Carmelo Oddyseus Bazzle I (‘Melo)

C.E.O. (Cuddling Everyone Okay)


‘Melo is a super mut adventure/shop dog with all the cuddles on tap. His can-do attitude can do things un-do-able at previous incursions.

Such wonder, great pupper. 11/10 will try to snuggle you when we do business.


Next Steps…

Give us a call at 250-818-6395 or send and email to cassidy.woodcraft@gmail.com and we can discuss bringing to life whatever project will fit your needs!